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Common questions: I have just succeeded in getting two pc's to 9926. One took 4 tries to update and the other took 5 tries to clean install. The update pc had an 80gb hdd and I copied the os onto a 250 hdd to get no.4 to take. The clean install is to a 120gb ssd as I was having trouble with Windows updates on the previous build. The clean install was a bother as the Microsoft insider account code didn't work, I tried the two that I already had and the one that Microsoft sent me today without success.
Fast solution: No one wants to see Is this a record? errors when they are searching online, especially when you are watching videos or having a good time in using computers. How to solve the problem? Most computer users are confused about how to get rid of Is this a record? errors. Don't worry! Read the post below, and figure out the best way to troubleshoot Is this a record? error and optimize your PC.

Using SmartPCFixer to Fix Is this a record? and Optimize Your Computer:

1. Free Download SmartPCFixer Now!

2. Click "Save Files" to install the application.

3. Double click Setup files complete SmartPCFixer installation process.

4. Select Your Country.

5. Clicking the "Next" button to complete the process.

6. Click "Finish" button.

7. Launch SmartPCFixer and Run a complete scan for your computer.

Repair Is this a record? Error On Your Own.

Most often, once you restore your system to an original version, Is this a record? error will be removed with ease!

1. Click "Start", Type "System Restore" in the searching box, then choose system restore as the pictures below.

2. Click "Next", and follow the instruction to restore your PC.

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